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Hair Loss Androgenetic Alopecia Treatments – Get More Information On Proven Methods To Get Back The Hair You Have Lost

You can learn more about Androgenetic Alopecia treatments to get rid of hair loss. Some of the treatments are simple and inexpensive, while others are more complex and require a specialized doctor. The cause of alopecia is not yet fully understood but many patients find that hormones play a role in the progression of the condition.

First, a little about Androgenetic Alopecia. It is a condition where male or female balding is common and permanent. The condition is named for the alopecia areata, which was first discovered in an Italian physician named Leonardo Tristramo Fabris.

He noticed that when hirsute men and women were examined under the microscope that there was a pattern to their hairs. These hairs seemed to grow in the same pattern. In recent years, scientists have learned that patterning is the body’s way of defending itself against loss of hair and it is the body’s natural process.

There are two different kinds of patterning. The first is branching which happens in the cortex of the hair. The second is follicular which occurs in the cuticle of the hair. The first pattern is found in the cortex, whereas the second pattern is found in the cuticle.

Androgenetic Alopecia treatments can vary according to the severity of the condition. Hair transplants are often used to try to stop the hair loss. While these procedures work for some people, others do not respond to them and would benefit from the use of the scalp massage technique which involves rubbing the scalp with different oils that stimulate blood flow to the area.

Since there is no cure for Androgenetic Alopecia, the best treatment is prevention. For example, you can do all the things that are recommended for all kinds of baldness except for avoiding what causes your hair loss in the first place.

For example, many women are genetically predisposed to hair loss and others may have certain medications in their system that may cause hair loss. The causes of baldness are many and should be looked at closely by a dermatologist and they may prescribe a prescription drug for you to avoid losing your hair.

If your Androgenetic Alopecia is caused by excessive sun exposure, you should wear sunscreen when you are out in the sun and use protective clothing when you are at the beach. It is also best to cover your head when you are on the beach. Avoid going bare chest as that may lead to burns.

Alopecia areata is another condition that is not uncommon and its cause is not completely understood but it may be due to genetic factors and other environmental factors. If your hair falls out, it may be a sign of alopecia areata. You should see a dermatologist to determine the cause of your hair loss.

If your Androgenetic Alopecia is caused by eating a lot of dairy products, then avoiding dairy products can help. It is also a good idea to make sure you get your B vitamins daily as this is one of the keys to healthy hair. Most people are deficient in this vitamin.

For men who have Androgenetic Alopecia, then they may be suffering from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is created by the testosterone hormone. To prevent this condition, it is important to exercise regularly and eat foods rich in fiber as this can help to prevent the development of DHT.

Androgenetic Alopecia treatments can include drugs to block the production of DHT and can help you avoid losing your hair. Androgenetic Alopecia treatments can vary from prescription drugs to home remedies.